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LoKiH - Linking of Knowledge in the Humanities

The aim of the online research portal LoKiH is to promote collaborative scholarship and bringing together researchers and students across institutions, disciplines, and linguistic specializations.

In order to maximize the potential of this field to bridge traditional disciplinary divides, LoKiH aims to offer scholars and students the tools for the timely production and dissemination of knowledge. The portal, co-developed by teams at the University of Toronto Scarborough, the CEU Budapest and Universit├Ąt Heidelberg, takes full advantage of new media, and especially social and semantic web technologies.

LoKiH will:

1) Promote collaborative research by setting up the interface for producing, exchanging, and editing in real time new scholarly resources in a variety of digital formats;

2) Facilitate access to existing electronic resources by allowing users to annotate and tag entries to reflect different needs and interests.

As an ongoing project, LoKiH aims to serve as a virtual meeting place, seminar room, library, directory, and laboratory for scholars and students. To ensure its continued relevance to the scholarly community and a broader public, it depends on its membership to keep updating and augmenting its content on an ongoing, do ut des basis.

Registration is completely free and open to all scholars and students.

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